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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

1 Mailing list educasup.philo

  • Mailing List educasup.philo (2021-01-28, updated 2021-01-28)
    Comment souscrire, poster, et vérifier votre envoi sur la liste - How to subscribe, how to post, how to check your post on the mailing list.

2 Logical and Philosophical Arguments

  • Replacement Theorem and Foundation of Mathematics (2021-03-19, updated 2021-03-19)
    This note only to show with some examples that the Replacement Theorem of first-order logic is undoubtedly crucial in Foundations of Mathematics.
  • Core Inconsistency (2021-03-19, updated 2021-03-19)
    This note provides a very simple proof that at least two claims about Core logic (i.e. Tennant’s logic) are jointly incompatible. Comments are welcome.
  • Descartes’s First Proof of God’s Existence in First-Order Logic (2021-03-07, updated 2021-03-07)
    In the language of first-order logic, I provide in this post a proof in natural deduction which translates the argument that Descartes gave as evidence of the existence of God.
  • Anselm’s Argument in First-Order Logic (2021-01-28, updated 2021-01-28)
    In the language of first-order logic, I provide in this note a proof in natural deduction that translates Anselm’s ontological argument (i.e. his a priori proof of the existence of God).

3 Provers

4 Code


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